Training Experience

Ron is the Senior trainer of the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) and has been co-teaching trainings with the developer of CRM, Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed., since spring of 2011.  In his role of Senior Trainer Ron travels and teaches Basic and Advanced CRM trainings nationally and internationally, and has been instrumental in supporting the development of CRM trainers worldwide.  He provides individual and group consultation in person and by skype for training attendees to ensure immediate follow up in the early stages of learning.  Ron has developed several new additions to the structure of the CRM model and is the author of chapters describing these in the CRM book which will be published as a scientific monograph in 2016 through Routledge Publishing.

This section is dedicated to the Comprehensive Resource Model™ and other workshops I have co-facilitated with Lisa Schwarz. It is paying tribute to the gratitude in my heart for all the wonderful travels and experiences I have had while training therapists. At the highest level, every time we meet new people, whether it is at a conscious or unconscious level, they relationally affect us.

This relational interaction can make one defensive, solidifying said defense mechanisms and the accompanying story, and supporting the need for the defense mechanism to exist. It can have no affect. Or, if we are mindful of the interaction, it can cause and inspire us to grow.

I know that through my training experiences I have grown immensely. I hope that I have been a catalyst for positive change in others.

The consistent topic through all these trainings is how to effectively work with clients that are traumatized. Because of the power of the subject matter and the perfect length of each training, each group comes together in such a way to bring different topics into each training. From neurobiology and different examples of the power of attachment to issues around transference/countertransference and the responsibility and privilege that each therapist has to continue growing and doing our own work for the sake and duty we have to our clients, each training is packed with knowledge and wisdom from the participants. I am truly grateful.

I initially met Ron when he attended one of my trainings in Ashland, Oregon. We went to lunch and I casually outlined for him, in a conversational way, the original Resource model which I had developed.

With no further training or discussion past that lunch hour, Ron began using this modality immediately and thoroughly upon his return to work. This ability to operationalize a sophisticated multi-dimensional model after a lunch conversation led me to invite him to collaborate with me in the development of this model world-wide. He has not disappointed.

Over the past 5 years, Ron has been instrumental in supporting my efforts in bringing CRM to therapists and their clients. He is heart-centered, brilliant, and salt-of-the-earth, without a doubt one of the most excellent healers and teachers in the world. I am a more effective teacher and a kinder person because of our association and he is a wonderful business-brain in the CRM organization itself. Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed., Developer of CRM


Thank you again to all that I have had the pleasure of engaging with and for making these trainings so wonderful.