“He will not remain under the radar for long.”

AHullI am seldom surprised when attending psychotherapy workshops; I typically know the person leading the workshop either by name, publication or previous contact. Stealth is likely an underestimated quality in a trainer but like the other attendees at a training in Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) I was impressed with the consummate skills of Ron Schwenkler as a trainer, speaker, facilitator of practical sessions and knowledgeable and skilled clinician. He will not remain under the radar for long.

As a professional Ron combines experience, confidence in the model he uses, and great and compelling humanity. Experiential learning is such a key part of psychotherapy training and often it feels forced or uncomfortable. I had the good fortune to have an extended session with Ron and the process felt natural and unforced with the steady hand of a clinician with nothing to prove, who trusted the model, the method and the process and who practiced what he taught in a skilful and attuned manner. I had the great fortune to discuss many issues at length with him over the course of five days of training and his insights, knowledge and understanding of the myriad complex issues confronting individuals living with the sequelae of developmental trauma and attachment disruption were obvious. Ron was presenting alongside Lisa Schwarz, originator of the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) for complex PTSD; never easy to present alongside a model’s creator but he did so with skill, confidence, humour and judgment.

CRM is, in my opinion, an advance in our understanding of how to help individuals with complex post-traumatic reactions and Ron Schwenkler is at the forefront in using, developing and teaching the model.Dr Alastair M Hull, MBChB., MD., FRCPsych., DipCBP (Distinction)

“Its thorough, integrated approach is unusual and very valuable.”

rick-hanson1I am very impressed with the Comprehensive Resource Model and with its developer(s), Lisa Schwarz and Ron Schwenkler. Its thorough, integrated approach is unusual and very valuable.
Dr. Hanson featured Ron Schwenkler, Lisa Schwarz, and The Comprehensive Resource Model in his semi-monthly newsletter, The Wise Brain Bulletin. Explore Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Calm, Contentment, and Confidence. Rick Hanson, PhD, Author of Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Calm, Contentment, and Confidence

“He took me to an aspect of myself that I have spent a lifetime avoiding”

bill-saundersAs a psychotherapist what I appreciate most in going to any workshop is to watch the presenter actually ‘do therapy’ rather than talk about doing therapy. For me the truth really is in the pudding. So here I am at a four day Comprehensive Resource Model training and lo and behold the two presenter’s are not only very adapt at presenting the their model, but the majority of the time is actually spent in ‘doing it’. This ‘doing it’ is not just watching the presenters ‘do it’ with consummate ease, but also, and much more challengingly, we had to ‘do it’ ourselves. So there I am struggling to deploy a very new and beguiling therapeutic perspective with one of my colleagues. As I run into trouble (what the hell do I do now?) Ron Schwenkler comes gently to my rescue. He quietly guides from the sidelines. He is able to get me to at least get some of it without feeling criticised and/or incompetent (although of course I was).  Later in another clinical practice session in which I am now the patient and my colleague runs aground Ron intercedes. The test of any therapist is to be on the receiving end of his/her intervention. Ron instantly conveyed to me (the patient) that he knew what he was doing. He portrayed that hallmark feature of excellent therapy by intuitively knowing where to go next that no text book can teach. His hold of the session was assured, helpful and he took me to an aspect of myself that I have spent a lifetime avoiding. This was, even in a clinical skill rehearsal, teaching and therapy of the highest order.  Thank you Ron.

“Committed to the healing of trauma”

Ron Schwenkler is committed to the healing of psychological and emotional trauma. He is a very skillful and knowledgeable psychotherapist with a deep understanding of the application of the Comprehensive Resource Model in particular. He is extremely able in organisational matters and has contributed to the development of a residential centre for treating psychological trauma. His ability to clearly communicate is evident in his teaching as he eagerly shares his knowledge and skills.

“A very cathartic release of so much terror”

Becky-RussellRon and Lisa work seamlessly together to create a true healing environment—almost as if they are one therapist in two bodies! While we are never really ‘finished’ with our work, working with Lisa and Ron in this Intensive setting resulted in a very cathartic release of so much terror that has been held in my body. I can truly say that I am no longer attached to my trauma story. I now have the capacity to just BE without unconscious survival fear; I have room for love and the capacity to express love without fear. I feel different…I feel. Upon returning from the Intensive, people around me have seen the difference in me. I’ve been told by both family/friends and clients that I have a light in my eyes again and that ‘there’s just something different’ about me.Becky Russell

“Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him has the opportunity to be healed”

About one year ago, my life became so bleak, dark and debilitating that I had given up on every single aspect of it; whether it was college, the military or my own relationships. The everlasting cycle of addiction that runs in my family as well as the death of my grandmother took me to a spot in my life I didn’t think was humanly possible. Counseling, medication, advice, and the passing of time were completely useless to me, as I felt more hopeless than ever. My mother encouraged me to work with Ron, and it was one of the few decisions in my life that has without a doubt, made a substantial impact for the better. The work he has done with me has allowed me to move forward, my life changed completely the weekend we worked together and since then I have been able to enjoy life more than ever before. I am actually happy day to day. I am blessed to have Ron in my life and anyone who has the opportunity to work with him has the opportunity to be healed; regardless of how much pain they have endured. One weekend changed my life forever.Jon C., Mercyhurst University student

“…blessed with patience, compassion and a deep sense of responsibility”

I know Mr.Ron Schwenkler for more than two and a half years.He has visited Scotland on three occasions and I have had the privilege of spending time with him on all these occasions.These visits were not only for training purposes but he was also actively involved in giving consultant level advice for the development of the Manor Hall Centre for Trauma Development Programme. His council was clear, unambiguous  and categorical, covering  every possible eventuality and providing appropriate solutions in a respectful manner.

Mr.Schwenkler is an honest, dependable man who shows Integrity in his dealings with people from all walks of life. He is always able to remain cool, calm and collected even in sticky situations and somehow manages to encourage others with his gentle confidence. As a clinician, he is a global, visual and spontaneous thinker, able to attune to people effortlessly, grasp situations, quickly set up formulations, work towards a goal with flexible client-friendly plans and is continually motivating the client towards task completion. His ability to communicate effectively is supplemented by a solid knowledge base that has resulted from his keenness to glean from written material and imbibe from life experience.  Mr. Schwenkler is an industrious and gifted individual blessed with patience, compassion and a deep sense of responsibility.Dr.Rajiv Raju MB BS, MRCPsych, Argyll and Bute Hospital
Lochphilead, Scotland