Individual Psychotherapy:

Ron has over 20 years of experience providing individual psychotherapy to children, teens, and adults across a variety of treatment milieus. His extensive work history includes working with a range of psychological diagnoses in wilderness programs, residential settings, outpatient clinics, and private practice. His case conceptualization and treatment philosophy is sourced in phenomenological thinking about human consciousness and its relationship to attachment, trauma experiences, and behavior. The modalities in which Ron has extensive formal training are Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), Behavior Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Eye-Position Therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. His gift is the ability to attune to what the client needs in the moment and weave together the relevant therapeutic inventions for the deepest level of effective healing. Currently in private practice in Denver, Ron works primarily through CRM in facilitating trauma recovery with the general public and military personnel.

Family Therapy:

The therapeutic treatment of families is an on-going practice for Ron.   This work is done in private clinical practice, aftercare programs, and consultation.   A significant portion of Ron’s family work is in facilitating the smooth transition of clients and their families from residential programs to home, college, or the community, however all aspects of familial change and transition are areas of expertise for Ron.


Ron provides two to five day individual and group intensives utilizing Western and traditional healing work. The focus of intensives may include the niche areas of early life dissociation and attachment issues, generational trauma resolution, and spiritual healing and expansion. He works with individuals, corporate groups, organizations, and groups of therapists in clearing their internal obstacles to allow for his/her highest level of performance and connection to self and others.


Ron’s work experience in a variety of placements throughout his career is the foundation for the expertise needed to provide creative clinical and administrative consultation to mental health practitioners, residential and outpatient program managers, and CRM trainers in training. He is the business consultant for the CRM organization has used his creativity in developing that business while providing on-going consultation and networking with mental health professionals nationally and internationally. Ron’s experience in working with the challenges of complex PTSD, severe depression, and traumatic brain and body injury is a niche area of his consultation work. Another unusual aspect of support which Ron offers to clients is how to shop for a therapist; meaning what to ask potential therapists and what to assess in order to find the best match between client and therapist. This results in time and resources saved for both clients and therapists.